How to Sell Online Photography and Handmade Crafts Online: Photography Tips to Use

Interested in selling handmade crafts online? Check out these great photography tips and learn how to sell online photography, crafts, supplies for crafts, and much more!

Do you sell online photography? Do you sell handmade products online? Selling online is a great way for you to make some extra money on the side, to expand your business, and to attract customers from all around the world.

If you are already an online seller, you probably know how competitive this business environment can be. So, is there something you can do to step aside from the crowd and attract the attention of your potential clients?

Yes, having beautiful and high-quality photographs of the products you are selling will do the job. You need to capture the perfect photographs and then display them properly. This does not mean that you need to buy a new camera or to visit a course. You can use your smartphone and shoot the photos with your digital camera.

Here are some photography tips you can use:

  • Keep it natural This is probably one of the most important tips you need to follow when taking pictures. You need to use natural sunlight and keep it as natural as possible. The natural sunlight will give you the best photos for sure!
  • Photograph with more than one camera Remember, if you have more than one camera, make sure to take photos with each. The rule – the more the merrier applies to usually all things, so until you feel confident enough to use one camera opposed to the other, take photos with all the cameras you’ve got.
  • Take multiple photos When taking a photo, snap photos from different angles and different distances and then review when you are done.
  • Stage, stage, stage How you place your items make the complete picture. Make a plan before you shoot and place the products in a perfect order. For example, if you are selling gloves, you can wear them in the photo, if you are selling popsicle holders, you can put some popsicles inside, and etc.
  • Use a free online photo editing tool You can use photo editing tools to adjust the brightness and the contrast of the photo, to add text, logo, and etc. You can use Canva, Pic Monkey, and others.

Follow these photography tips and you will experience great results!

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