Boost Your Photography Income by increasing Your Brand’s perceived Value

Getting and knowing your skill is one thing, charging for that skill is another. Most photographers charge below their value, and this is not the photographer’s fault, it is because they don’t know the value of their skills. By understanding the value of their skills, photographers would be able to get more money from their skills.

So the big question is what perceived value is?  Before we go into the meaning of perceived value, let’s take this instance, you bought a product for $20, and you want to resell it. Before reselling it, we compare the product price with the value we feel the product has. The value the product has is not the price of the product, the value of the product is what the product is worth.

When a product costs a higher price than the other products, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is worth more than the other products.

So let’s bring this concept into our reality as photographers, the higher the value of your service, the higher the price. Customers are willing to pay high when they know that the value of your service is high.

The question is how you can enhance the perceived value of your services? Here in this post, I would identify three ways to increase the perceived value of your service.

  1. Testimonials. The most powerful marketing tool is your clients, you just don’t know how to use them. Testimonials from your customers can boost enhance customers confidence, and it also relates that your service is of the highest quality. This way your perceived value has increased, and with an increase in your service perceived value, more customers will come.
  1. Increased price. Price rate also determines the perceived value of your service. The higher the price, the higher the value of your service. Customers belie that the price of your service determines the quality of your service. So trust me, if your price is low, people will underestimate your service. But always make sure that your service value is worth your price. Don’t overcharge your customers when you are not going to deliver a good service.
  1. Convey scarcity. The scarcer a product is, the more wanted it becomes. When you tell your clients that you have very tight schedules because your services are high in demand, the more they want you. Every customer likes to go for services that other clients are going for. So if you convey your services as high in demand, definitely, your service perceived value would increase.

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