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Photography marketing is really important for your photography business! Read this article and discover how to understand the different photography client types and market your business properly!

Photographers are usually confused by the variety of clients they meet each day. If you are a professional photographer you surely know what we are talking about. Even with a specific target market, it seems like there are no similar clients. In other words, no two patrons are the same.

So, is there something you can do?

Yes, you can start categorizing your clients. This requires a lot of time and patience, but we promise you it is all going to worth it. You will be able to react properly to each client you meet. By analyzing, categorizing, and understanding the different client types, you as a photographer can not only reflect upon their present marketing strategies, buy you will know how to market your business to a wider range of clients.

Loyal Larrys

The loyal customers are few and they are usually far between. It is like they are only a small percentage of your total customer base. However, these loyal and devoted customers are pretty valuable to your photography business. Loyal customers want to share their positive experience with friends, family, and business associates. Not only they will promote your business, but they will also share their experience online on social media networks which will help you get a large amount of referrals. So, how to market to these loyal clients? All you need to do is take a good care of them. You need to offer your personal service and your individual attention.

Discount Debbies

All photographers are familiar with the budget-minded customers. These clients will do everything to get sellers bend on their pricing. The discount-seekers usually use the same brand and remain devoted to specific businesses. This type of customers usually makes their purchases when a certain product or service is on discount. So, how to market to the discount clients? You need to offer a special promotion or some sort of special deal. If you are planning on doing a sale, make sure the discount-seekers know about this sale. You can use the social media networks and share your promotions, sales, and discounts there.

Impulsive Irenes

This type of clients is usually hard to identify and understand and pretty tricky to market do. The impulsive clients don’t usually look for specific brands, products or services. As a matter of fact, they don’t care about brands or about brand loyalty. They purchase without reason. So, how to market to impulsive customers? Tailoring marketing efforts for this type of customers is definitely necessary. After all, the majority of all buys are impulse purchases. The key to marketing to these customers is to meet their mindset. So start thinking as a client and not as a seller.

Needy Normans

These customers have specific needs and they usually are looking for a photographer who can deliver a high-quality product. How to market to the needy customers? You need to meet these clients in the middle in order to market properly. Your marketing strategy should foresee your target market’s needs. So, divide your customers by need and create a special marketing strategy that will address the customer’s problem. That is all you have to do!

Being able to categorize customer types will help you take your photography business to the next level! You will be able to transform all of your customers into loyal clients that will stick to your business and brand!

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